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Le Beth Hamikdach Temple de Jérusalem
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Site du Beth Hamikdach,
le Temple de Jérusalem

Beth Hamikdach

Avertissements aux Gentils, qu'il leur est interdit de dépasser cettte limite et de rentrer dans l'enceinte des Cours.


Warning to Trespassers In the Temple.
The Court of the Gentiles was the only part of the sacred precincts
of the Temple in Jerusalem into which foreigners might enter. Slabs
bearing an inscription in Greek and Latin characters-as the one pictured
above, a relic from Herod's Temple - warning Gentiles the death would be
the penalty for breaking the rule, were placed in front of forbidden zones.
Museum Tschinili-Kirschk. Istanbul. View Interpretation

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Josephus (Jos. War 5, v, 2; cf. Jos. War 6, ii, 4; Jos. Antiq. 15. xi, 5; Philo Leg. 212) says:

"Proceeding across this [the open court] towards the second court of the temple, one found it surrounded by a stone balustrade, three cubits high and of exquisite workmanship; in this at regular intervals stood slabs giving warning, some in Greek, others in Latin characters, of the law of purification, to wit that no foreigner was permitted to enter the holy place, for so the second enclosure of the temple was called."

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