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Le Beth Hamikdach Temple de Jérusalem
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Site du Beth Hamikdach,
le Temple de Jérusalem

Les visiteurs du Temple de Jérusalem

14ème siècle

Ashtori hafarhi 1280 - 1355
Auteur en 1322 du Kaftor Vaper'ah, premier livre de géographie de la Terre d'Israël

1334 Isaac ben Joseph ibn Helo
Ouvrage d'authenticité discutée.

Where Solomon’s Temple stood in Jerusalem“The Jewish pilgrim Isaac ben Joseph ibn Chelo states that:

‘The Jewish community in Jerusalem is quite numerous… Among the different members of the holy congregation at Jerusalem are many who are engaged in handicrafts such as dyers, tailors, shoemakers, etc. Others carry on a rich commerce in all sorts of things, and have fine shops. Some are devoted to science, as medicine, astronomy and mathematics. But the greater number of their learned men are working day and night at the study of the Holy Law [the Torah and Talmud] and of the true wisdom, which is the cabbalah [mystic interpretation of the biblical texts]. They are maintained out of the coffers of the community, because the study of the law is their only calling.’

‘There are also at Jerusalem excellent calligraphist, and the copies are sought for by the strangers, who carry them away to their own countries. I have seen a Pentateuch written with so much art that several persons at once wanted to acquire it, and it was only for excessively high price that the Chief of the Synagogue of Babylon carried it off with him to Baghdad.’

His one doleful experience in Jerusalem is with the Temple Mount, on which he is not allowed to set foot, and when he sees the Dome of the Rock and the Mosque of El-Aksa, he cries:

Rabbi Obadiah de Bartenora (1488)
Rabbi Obadiah de Bartenora (1488) décrit le Kotel comme "élevé de grandes et épaisses pierres, plus imposantes que celles des antiquités de Rome et d'ailleurs"

Les voyageurs juifs du 13, 14 et 15 éme siécle.
(Haïm Harboun)

Après la destruction, sources juives
Sources chrétiennes
Jérusalem du VIème au Xème siècle
L'an mil et après
12ème et 13ème siècle
14ème siècle
Voyage en Palestine" de Hadrian Reland

17ème à 19ème siècle
Peintres: Bartlett #1850
Photographes Pillet 1895, Bonfils 1870
Le drapeau de la Palestine

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